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My name is Ed Agocs. I am the owner and operator of Ed Agocs Honeybee Removal and have many years of experience in honeybee removal. I consider myself a highly trained Bee removal Specialist. I am a State of Florida registered beekeeper and manage several hundred hives here in Lee County, FL. I am a licensed and insured honeybee removal professional. I specialize in live honeybee removal including swarms and cut-outs done right the first time. I guarantee all my work. My bee removal service area includes Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, and all of Lee and Charlotte County, Florida.

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Successful BEE REMOVAL

Successful BEE REMOVAL requires extensive training and experience. BEE REMOVAL can become very complicated depending on where the bees are located. Most of the time, all you, the customer, will see is a dozen or so honey bees going in and out of a hole or crack somewhere on your building, house, or other structure. What most people don’t expect and and are surprised to find, is that right behind that tiny opening are thousands, or even tens of thousands, of bees, continuously building wax, making more and more deposits of honey, and protecting their colony inside the structure.

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Honeybee Removal Services

The Problem

Cinque Terre

You have bees swarming or entering a soffit, wall, roof, ceiling, or other seemingly impenetrable location. It's possible you may have a colony of thousands of bees, with many pounds of honeycomb filled with raw honey and thousands of baby honeybees. A free estimate can identify your problem and recommend a course of action.

Proper BEE REMOVAL usually requires opening the cavity in which the bees are entering the building, You can rest assured, regardless of where the bees are located, soffit, wall, tile roofs, ceilings, or floor,... I have the experience and training to safely and effectively remove your bee problem. I guarantee your bee infestation will be eradicated. Remember, I am fully licensed, insured, and have many years of experience removing bees safely.

Honeybee Removal Pricing

Bee removal estimates are difficult to give without seeing the honeybee problem. With that being said here are the basic guidelines I use when pricing a job:

Bee Swarm removal prices start at $150.00. Swarms are a large mass of bees that just recently showed up. If the bee swarm is over 10-12ft high I charge a little extra.

Bee Hive removal prices start at $175.00 Hives have the bees and honeycomb, the bees have already established a home. This is for the hives that are low to the ground and easy to get to. When I need the big ladder I charge a little more. The queen, worker bees and honeycomb that are removed sometimes weigh over one hundred pounds.

Structural bee hive removal starts at $225.00 Hives that have made a home in your home or in a structure requiring cut-outs. Significant care is taken not to create anymore damage to the property then necessary to remove the bees and honeycomb from your structure. Any and all repairs to the property are the sole responsibility of the property owner.

I also perform bee removal from water meter boxes starting at $125.

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Customer Comments

What past clients are saying...

   "Saved me a lot of time and money"
I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate the help that you gave me with getting rid of the bees at my house. You saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks again.
Erik Montano

   "Thank you so much"
Thank you so much for helping with our bee problem. We know the bees will be in good hands and love their new home.
Cate and Brian Smith

   "I am extremely satisfied..."
I was informed by my son that he saw a swarm of bees outside his bedroom window. I was concerned of the danger to my family as we played outside. I phoned Mr. Agocs and at a moments notice he was there. The bees were removed immediately and he was very reasonably priced. I am extremely satisfied and recommend his services. Thank you Mr. Agocs.
Mr. Paul Marzella

   "I am so grateful..."
First, let me say that I am so grateful for you being able to remove that bee's nest. It's absolutely awesome how fast your service was. You have excellent customer service and I would recommend your service to anyone who needed it! Thanks again.
Joe Washburn

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